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History and Care

Woodbury Pewterers was founded in 1952, in the town of Woodbury, CT. by Ruth Holbrook and Lee R. Titcomb. The original location was a small blacksmith shop located next to the historic Hurd House in the center of town. In 1967, the business was re-located to its current location. Each piece of Woodbury Pewter is hand-crafted from the highest quality pewter using many of the same methods and tools that were used in the 18th & 19th centuries.Many of these tools, drawings, and various advertising pieces are on permanent display at our visitors gallery located at the Factory Outlet Store, which features a special section to view Woodbury Pewter pieces actually being made. Woodbury Pewter still remains a “family owned and operated” business with several second and third generation employees.

All Woodbury Pewter is hand-crafted in Woodbury, Connecticut. Master craftspeople using a wide variety of methods, carefully produce each piece of pewter with the skills and pride that is clearly apparent in every piece.

SPINNING: Flat discs of pewter are clamped into a lathe against a wood or metal form called a “chuck”. A hand spinning tool is then pressed against the turning disc with a series of carefully executed sweeps and movements to turn the pewter down over the chuck to form the desired shape.

CASTING: Molten pewter is poured into a bronze mold through a channel called a “Spru” or “Gate” and allowed to cool until solid or in some cases, is poured out at the proper time to create a hollow item such as a spout. Once the metal is “chilled”, the mold is opened and the casting is removed. The cast then has the spru cut off, parting marks removed and is polished and fitted for assembly.

ASSEMBLY: As all the various pewter parts are hand-crafted, each piece is carefully filed, drilled, shaped, burnished or ground to assure a perfect fit. The parts are then soldered together with a jewelers torch, using great care not to melt the piece and to assure a flawless joint.

FINISHING: Once the piece has been completed, it is then carefully polished and buffed by hand with a cloth wheel to achieve the desired lustre and patina...either satin or bright finish. As with most hand-crafted work, our pewter pieces may vary slightly in shape, size, finish or capacity from one piece to the next.

“The making of a teapot”. An educational video, depicting the various methods and steps used to make a reproduction of an early teapot design. This video also includes a factory tour of the Woodbury Pewter facility and answers common questions about pewter in general. A great item for the collector, hobbyist, children or training film for dealers. 7.5 minutes long. For more information or to purchase a copy of the video, call us at 800-648-2014.

Pewter Care and Facts:

CONTENTS: Our Pewter is 92% Tin, 6% Antimony & 2% Copper (No Lead).

CARE: Woodbury Pewter is safe for foods and beverages and with a minimum amount of care, may be passed on to generations. pewter should be washed and dried as soon as is practical after use to avoid possible staining caused by certain foods and beverages. Pewter polished, scouring power or fine steel wool may be used to maintain satin finish pewter, should staining or scratches occur. You can also use Woodbury Pewter "Pewter Wash" for normal cleaning. While our pewter is dishwasher safe, we do not recommend dishwasher use due to other elements that your pewter may come in contact with, which may cause staining or pitting.

CAUTIONS: Do not heat or cook in pewter, it will cause damage. Use a glass or other suitable liner for flowers and do not store beverages or foods in pewter that contain natural acids such as milk, juice, etc., as they may cause staining or pitting in your pewter piece.

Woodbury Pewter "Pewter Wash", the perfect cleaner for satin finish pewter. Made just for us by our friends at the Hagerty Company, one of America’s oldest metal polish manufacturers. Easy to use, non-toxic and comes in a convenient 7 oz. jar. Available from our dealers or call us at 800-648-2014 for more info.